Guide to use your planters

Guide to use your planters

Guide to use your planters

Plants inside and outside of our home create great well-being and provides wonderful vibes from nature. With planters you can quickly transform your outdoor space into a welcoming oasis that is still easy and manageable to keep. Give your garden, patio, balcony or vegetable garden a new life with planters filled with everything from strawberry plants to beautiful flowers. 

Let us guide you on how to decorate your outdoor space with Cane-line planters, and ideas for what you can plant in them. 

The balcony

Growing fruits and vegetables as well as plants is not just reserved for those who have a large garden or a greenhouse. Many plants thrive nicely in smaller flowerpots on the balcony and they help to bring some of the nature feeling into the apartment. Here you can grow delicious fruits, herbs and berries that not only taste good, but also are incredibly decorative - both on the balcony and when you are cooking. A beautiful tree in a planter can give nice shade and at the same time give a green touch to the decor. We have shown an example above with our beautiful Combine teak planters.  

The terrace

On the terrace there is a great opportunity to have a lot of planters standing with different plants. They are very decorating and give the terrace life. Choose different sizes and shapes to create a dynamic look. A good tip is to plant different types of flowers and bushes so that you have some that bloom all year round. That way, there is always something to look forward to as the temperature drops and winter approaches. For example, heather can withstand night frosts, so you can enjoy your colorful planters with different species of heather all year long. We have shown an example above with our great Grow planters and parasol planting box.  

The garden

Bushes with your favourite berries or small fruit trees can easily thrive in a planter in the garden as long as the planter is large enough. A nice little cherry tree decorates beautifully, giving both fruit and beautiful pink flowers. Create your own oasis of plants by planting bushes, pampas grass and wildflowers. The best thing about planters is that you only need to water in limited space, so if the summer is dry, then your plants will still be okay. Furthermore, you can also easily get rid of weeds and unwanted small plants.  

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