Aura höga armstöd/ryggstöd, enkelmodul

6 900 kr

Aura höga armstöd/ryggstöd, enkelmodul

6 900 kr
Type: Lounge
Artikelnummer: 10AB1014014
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Aura is an indoor modular sofa concept, where you can combine individual elements to create a lounge space which matches your needs and demands. The Aura armrests frame the lounge sofa beautiful with its soft, organic shapes. The round shapes soften the design expression, providing a light and inviting appearance. The Aura armrest is available in two sizes – one is low and more voluminous and the other one is tall and sleek.

Aura high armrest/backrest, single module
80 cm
31.5 inches *
13 cm
5.2 inches *
54 cm
21.3 inches *
8 kg
17.7 lbs *
* Measurements & weight displayed do not include any selected add-on