What is Rattan?

Rattan is a flexible and natural material that can be weaved into many different things, including furniture. There are over 600 species of rattan in the world, and Cane-line uses the best and strongest species, namely the Manau rattan. Cane-line has worked with rattan for decades, and a significant part of the product range is therefore designed in rattan. Many consumers have opened their eyes to the fine natural materials and especially the more responsible choice.


- Rattan is one of the fastest growing natural materials
- There are over 600 species of rattan in the world
- Rattan is strong, flexible and very durable
- 80% of the world's rattan resources grow in Indonesia, close to Cane-line's production facilities

Timeless furniture

The combination of Danish design and skilled craftsmanship helps to create the framework for strong and timeless furniture that can be inherited for several generations.

Rattan - almost no maintenance

Rattan is for indoor use only. Rattan requires minimal cleaning and almost no maintenance. The cleaning of rattan furniture is done simply with a wet cloth once the furniture is dusty. We recommend cleaning the furniture once a year, with white soap flakes, lukewarm water and a cloth.

The natural material of rattan

Rattan is an incredibly fast-growing plant and a very sustainable, natural material. The outer layer can be peeled off and used for weaving, where the core of the rattan is used for furniture, which with its durable and flexible material, makes it possible to create a unique comfort with unique shapes.

Rattan is not bamboo

Many people confuse rattan with bamboo. However, rattan is a much more durable material that can be bent and is solid, whereas bamboo is hollow and less durable. Rattan is a material only for indoors. Therefore Cane-line has developed a material called “Cane-line Weave®”, which is a fiber material designed to look like exactly like rattan - the only difference is that the Cane-line Weave® material is developed for outdoor use but you get the look of the natural rattan.