What style are you looking for in your outdoor space?

Are you also a big fan of the Nordic interior style, and do you need some inspiration on how to decorate your outdoor space? Maybe you are dreaming of an outdoor space inspired by the simple and calm Scandinavian design, or an outdoor space that oozes nature? We would like to give you some tips and tricks on how to create an outdoor space that is just right for you.

At Cane-line we design furniture with great inspiration from the nature around us. We love to style our furniture with calm colors and prioritize using high quality natural materials such as teak wood for our great Lighthouse lantern or Amaze collection. It creates a good balance of materials and gives a nice vibe to your outdoor space.

When designing your own personal cozy corner on the patio, it is a good idea to define what style you want your outdoor space to have. If you want it to be characterized by the Scandinavian design style, we recommend choosing simple furniture in quiet colors, such as gray, white, and / or beige. Keep the décor simple and minimalistic, but with contrasting details, such as a rugged outdoor carpet and colorful decorative scatter cushions.

If you on the other hand want the outdoor space to be characterized by nature, it is a good idea to choose furniture from natural materials, such as wood or in natural colors. Decorate the terrace with trees and plants in jars and plant boxes, e.g. in green shades, to create a feeling of being surrounded by nature.

The outdoor space not only needs to be inspired by one style; it can easily be mixed. Buy a simple gray sofa and spice it up with a pair of earth-colored pillows. Choose lanterns and dining chairs with teak details and create the perfect blend of the two styles.

We care about your outdoor life and we want to improve the quality time you spend outdoors. We take indoor comfort and bring it outdoors. Get inspired by our moodboards to create your perfect outdoor space with exactly the design style that is right for you.
1. Circle carpet 2. Lighthouse lanterne, rectangular 3. Horizon 2-seater sofa 4. Cube footstool 5. Twist coffee table, medium 6. Stay warm plaid 7. Soft rope basket 8. Peacock chair, Cane-line Soft Rope 9. Wove scatter cushions
1. Nest lounge chair, OUTDOOR 2. Grow planters 3. Nest 2-seater. sofa, OUTDOOR 4. Wove scatter cushions 5. Nest round chair, OUTDOOR